As KALEN KALKAVAN ENDUSTRI A.S., one of the areas that we are a solution partner is, solutions of the Concrete Sleeper Production Machinery for railways.

The activities of the company we work with as a Strategic Partner are as follows. If you are insterested, please contact us.

  • Production activities for prestressed concrete railway sleepers:
  • Turnkey projects of Carousel system main line prestressed concrete sleepers manufacturing.

    Turnkey projects of switch (turnout) sleeper line manufacturing.

    Mold manufacturing for Long line and Carousel lines.

    Ballastless tunnel sleeper molds manufacturing.

    Efforts to increase the capacity of the existing factories and to improve the automation system.

    Services the needs of spare parts and machinery in an existing factory.

    Optional machine design and manufacturing.


  • Produced Machines and Systems are:
    • Carousel System Prestressed Sleeper production line
    • Long line The plants for the manufacture of switch bearers and machines
    • Hydraulic and mechanic Overturning system
    • Wire stressing unit and automation systems
    • Switch bearers cutting machine
    • Wire cutting machine
    • Wire blow head machine
    • Mold manufacturing for Long line and Carousel lines.
    • Prestressed sleeper production machines.
    • Mold transfer conveyors.
    • Mold cleaning and lubrication machine.
    • Wire blow head machine (manuel and automatic).
    • Anchor plate preparation machines.
    • Anchor plate press mold
    • Anchor plate hole drilling line
    • Wire stressing machine (Semi automatic and fully automatic).
    • Concrete casting machine.
    • Vibration table.
    • Robot crane for mold handling.
    • Relaxation machine (Semi automatic and fully automatic).
    • Mold turning and unloading machine (manuel and automatic).
    • Sleeper quality control machine.
    • Sleeper marking machine.
    • Sleeper stacking machine.
    • Sleeper testing machine.
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