AS KALEN KALKAVAN ENDUSTRI A.S. we are also active in casting (foundry) industry. We offer solutions that meet the demands of companies that want to sell, develop or invest in their existing foundry. We are able to offer alternative solutions, whether used or new, for machines, lines and equipment that meet the requirements.

Below you can see some of the Foundry Lines that are currently for sale.

1) MECMASTER HORIZONTAL MOLDING LINE 900X750/250+250 mm, 60 molds/hour

2) HWS HORIZONTAL MOLDING LINE 710×710/200+200 mm, 15-20 molds/hour, 1994

3) FOUNDRY AUTOMATION HORIZONTAL MOLDING LINE 900×750/300+300 mm, 60-70 molds/hour, 2000

4) BULK FURNACES ABP 2012, 4 Ton capacity

5) DISAMATIC MOLDING LINE 2013MK5 600x480x130/300 mm

6) BULK FURNACES ABB 15 Tons capacity, Inductor 150KW

8) SANDBLASTING LINES EIRICH 2003, 60 tons/hour

9) HWS HORIZONTAL MOLDING LINE 700×620/180+180 mm, 130 molds/hour, 1995

10) HWS HORIZONTAL MOLDING LINE 700×550/150+150/300+300 mm, 60 molds/hour, 1991

11) GEORG FISCHER HORIZONTAL MOLDING LINE 940×640/150+150/250+250 mm, 135 molds/hour, 1994

You can contact us for the details of the lines and equipment.

The machines, lines and facilities that we can produce solutions in this sector are as follows.

  • Horizontal and Vertical Moulding Lines
  • Sandblasting Units and Equipment
  • Die-Casting or Metal Injection Machines
  • Resin Moulding Lines
  • Used or New Foundry Lines and Equipment Solutions

Laboratory and Test Equipment and Devices

Dismantling, Installation, Transportation, Turnkey Solutions Development Services


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