KALEN KALKAVAN A.S.  Since 2001, our company has been organizing marketing and sales organizations of new or used machines, production lines and facilities in many sectors of industry (automotive, foundry, plastics, iron and steel, metal, construction, metal processing, etc.). It also organizes complete factory clearance sales projects; we are able to provide alternative solutions for our industrialists' purchase and sale needs of industrial equipment, production cooperation demands, export-import activities and possible investment ideas with our researches and market studies.


We aim to help the machines, which have become idle and used in our country's industry, production facilities to be brought back to production, to contribute to the national economy with the investments of our industrialists and to create employment.

To be a reliable Solution Partner and Marketplace that can support our industrial firms with different alternatives for their investment plans by professional solutions and consultancy services, can provide suitable offers with the requested technical features and provide them reaching to all kinds of products and services in the main sectors. .

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